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October Webinar - Levy


Registration is now open!

Webinar Date Times
Levy October 3, 2019 2:00 PM (NDT)
    1:30 PM (ADT)
    12:30 (EDT)
    11:30 AM (CDT)
    10:30 AM (MDT)

In this webinar:

In this month’s webinar, we will show you how to complete the Trial Levy Process.

This will include how to change rates for forecasting purposes and other items such as:

  • Step by step overview on how to post your Levy
  • How to create invoice batches and printing invoices
  • Useful tips for re-posting your Trial Levy
  • Discussion on how to create invoices and listings for Mortgagor and Employer purposes

Mark your calendars!

Details about our upcoming Webinars are below!
Registration opens 2-3 weeks before each session.

Topic Date
Accounts Payable Reporting November 7 2019
Payroll Year End December 4 2019
Levy Refresh January 2 2020

Addtional information is also available on our Events Calendar.